Why Restoring HOPE? When a family member is hospitalized or has to travel for doctors appointments, it can take a toll on the entire family. Families can begin to lose hope as bills go unpaid, and the monthly debt continues to grow. Add into that a hospital stay or two, and it can seem overwhelming.  But a simple act of someone paying your power bill, or sending you a gas card to get to and from appointments can restore your HOPE. The realization that you are not in this alone restores your HOPE.

I have been contacted by numerous families who travel from Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii, and even Alaska for the Heart centers we have here. Most of them can not afford the travel, or the time off work....but when your child has a heart disease you do it. (I know of 3 families right now that could use this program)

We still will give to heart research as well, as that is the only way to cure pediatric heart disease. So if you want to give to our Restoring HOPE program please say that in the pay pal comments.

We are also accepting gas gift cards, airline gift cards, amtrack gift cards, visa gift cards, and grocery gift cards for our restoring HOPE program.

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